to our fancy and colourful world of NFC !

Design your own NFC Device: cards, cards with lasereyes, amazing badges, vouchers and way more to come!

Use some nice images or templates from our library to orangepill and bank some nocoiners with us by creating valuable presents, merchandise or tipping cards and start banking some nocoiners with us.

“Wow! So, just by tapping it to your phone i have paid you in bitcoin ??!”

Talking about designing cards ! Pick one or two images from our library, add your own for the back or choose from some nice carddesigns from wellknown bitcoin artists.

If you are about to get really creative, you can as well customize both sides by sending us two images to use within the checkout for the fully customized version.

Passive – unless it´s not

NFC means Near Field Communication – and that is exactly what it does. We use cards with a chip by the nerdy name NTAG424. The tag starts communicating whenever it is powered by a pos or a phone of a merchant you want to pay with bitcoin via lightning.

We suggest setting up a Boltcard-Service on your own LNbits or using the open LNbits server as a custodian solution if you do not run an own lightning node.

“I know how it works but this still feels like magic !”

Thats what she said.

Now let´s start and move to the library