Nerdish link collection and deep dive for NFC builders ⚡️

While the simple LNURLw Voucher work with nearly every wallet out there

not all wallets support the boltcard service yet

Github of the Boltcard LNbits extension

Support groups



Building Gadgets with NFC : MakerBits

Writing with other tools (easy)

Bolt Card Wallet App (Android only)

Writing with other tools (very advanced)

General Info about NFC
Differences between BOLT11 invoice, LNURL-withdraw, LNURL-pay and LNURL-withdrawPOS flows
Spec of payment request with Boltcard
Detailed info on NTAG424
Set up an own BoltCard-Server
Set up a BoltCard-Hub
Manually write a BoltCard
Set up the BoltCard-App from source
Other NTAG424 writing-Apps
Technical specifications
Mac drivers
Why Apple & NFC are no good friends
Accepting LN through WebNFC


Building with NFC

The story behind the HCCP Badge


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