Bitcoin Lightning Payment Cards

Here you will find the most nerdish NFC link collection for builders, coders and bitcoiners in general. Join us on a deep dive into coding and building with NFC ⚡️

While the simple LNURLw voucher work with nearly every wallet out there

not all wallets support the boltcard service yet

Github of the Boltcard LNbits extension with rolling withdraw links

Github of the LNURLw LNbits extension for static voucher links (not safe as debit card)

Building with NFC

All known tools and machines, that have been built to enable NFC payments are linked in the LNbits wiki – yes, it is mostly beertaps but not only ! 😅

Building hardware with LNbits like e.g. the Bitcoin Switch
Beertaps with NFC (on a Pi)
Bitcoin events where you will find lots of machines that accept NFC Cards

In Action
Raspberry Pi & NFC Module PN532 (german)
LN PoS Terminals
Browser NFC Reader
Collection of NFC hardware projects in action–vouchers
Libraries to communicate with a NTAG424

Coding for NFC

All known code-examples of builders, that used NFC for Lightning payments are linked in the LNbits wiki.

Writing a Boltcard with other tools (very advanced)

General Info about NFC
Differences between BOLT11 invoice, LNURL-withdraw, LNURL-pay and LNURL-withdrawPOS flows
Spec of payment request with Boltcard
Set up an own BoltCard-Server
Set up a BoltCard-Hub
Manually write a BoltCard
Additional Tools to write a BoltCard With the Bolty

With the BoltCard Wallet App

BoltCard PoS
Set up the BoltCard-App from source
Other NTAG424 writing-Apps
NTAG424 Technical specifications
Mac drivers
Accepting LN through WebNFC

Web-NFC Specification

Where can i use WebNFC (e.g. on a tablet)
Nostr Bot to control a BoltCard

History of Bitcoin NFC payments

As first of its kind NFC Device used for lightning payments the HCCP Badge had two buttons – one for to get paid and one to be paid.

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