Bitcoin Lightning Payment Cards

Everything new concerning Boltcards and building for NFC


With the Bat-ATM that supports LUD19 we now have a possibility to directly fund our Boltcards with shitcoins. Those received sats can then immediately be spent from the same card. All you need is one of our cards. What a wonderful thing to spot on a Bitcoin conference or meetup!

Fund your card with a tap

Adding funds to your wallet has just gotten easier with so called LUD19 “Paylink discoverable from withdraw link” improvement. While before you had to import your wallet with the LNDhub extension to e.g. Zeus wallet or Blue Wallet to top it up more easily you can now add sats to your card from your funding wallet (so far Blixt, CoinCorner, OBW, LNbits). For LNbits you will need to add the TPoS extension to your funding wallet and generate a new one allowing the “ATM” function with a click. Open the share-link and save it as URL.

To use it you then put in there the amount you want to send to your card wallet and tap the card against the TPoS. Spend and repeat ๐Ÿ˜€

A NFC capable LNPoS

Opago has managed to extend the features of the LNPoS with NFC functionality.

Sunmi v2, the Bitcoinize and the LNbits POS

Apart from the self-build LNPOS two other POS-Terminals are available : The Sunmi v2 and the Bitcoinizze. They are identical except that the Bitcoinize is preconfigured for BTCpay which can also handle writing cards in bulk. If you buy the raw Sunmi make sure to not get a second hand one that is company-blocked. This can only be unblocked with a paid service.

LNbits can also be used as POS-Software and can additionally be connected to all sorts of other devices you might have in your shop (ATM, Bitcoin switch etc.). LNbits uses another POS-Terminal and also has a printer integrated.

Virtual Bolt Cards

Thanks to titusz there is now a possibility to add a virtual Bolt Card to your phone wallet without actually having a physical one. You can find the repo on Github and the video below on x.

Places that accept NFC payments

When adding a Bitcoin merchant to BTCmap you can now add a flag, that users can activate to highlight NFC capable merchants on their map.


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