For this part it is irrelevant which of our products you bought or how tech savy you are we will lead you through this here or in our group linked in the menue.

Some like to read, some like to watch tutorials which is why you will find a variety of docs here how to write different sorts of payment-links to your Plebtag.

Create a Boltcard to have the highest security for bigger amounts

Write some simple paylinks to generate Voucher- or Tippingcards ?

Batch-generate a bunch of simple cards for your event ?

Create a Boltcard

To write the Cards you will need two things : First of all, an LNbits instance in clearnet with the boltcard extension installed.

If you have done this, we can start using the Bolt app to write the tags. Note that because of limitations of iOS you will need either just an android phone to do so or a dektop pc with google chrome/ installed in combination with a nfc-writer for NTAG424 cards(!).

This sets up the secure version of an NFC Tag that communicates to your lnbits boltcard webservice to authenticate each single card before allowing a payment.

Voucher, tipping cards

This use case does not require high security because the link might not be used for long and the amount on the wallet for the card might not be that high. You will find a textual description on how to write those here.

if you do speak german we recommend this video.

Writing a lot of simple voucher tags at once

For a static paylink you can use this NFC-BRRR machine we made for Bitcoin Amsterdam. With this tool you set up hundreds of wallets and write them through a browser to each card in a very short timeframe. Note that this only works on android+chrome.

NFCCards with NTAG 216 can carry just 1 written link – usually this would be the one to pay with. But that´s not enough, right? To be able to refill the card or see the balance NFC-BRRR can generate stickers carrying an Import-Key for e.g. BlueWallet for each wallet. Put the right(!) sticker on each card or flyer and your guests are set to use some juice- or beertaps!

What this tool will do for you

  • Create wallets and all links needed for each card
  • Fund the cards with your LNbits wallet
  • Write the chosen link onto a bunch of cards
  • Fill a sticker-template with chosen link (Avery 25×25-S)

Now let´s get your wallets ready and BRRRR some cards and stickers!


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