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Welcome to the funny world of NFC

Design your own NFC Device: cards, cards with lasereyes, amazing badges, vouchers and way more to come! Choose between different looks

  • one chosen image from our or an artists library (the back gets a very small plebtag-logo)
  • two images from your own library on each sides of the card (custom design)
  • both sides defined by your favorite artist (artist cards)

Use your individual NFC Card to orangepill and bank some nocoiners with us by creating valuable presents, conference or event merchandise, donation wallets, voucher or gift cards.

“Wow! So, just by tapping it to your phone i have paid you in bitcoin ??!”

Become an artist

All our artists receive 20% in sats on all of their sales. Please think about supporting their artwork.

All images will be printed to the cards with sublimation technology which leaves a glossy shine that is nice for design elements. As a con it is less precise compared to retransfer technologies used by industrial oriented machines that e.g. banks use and is sometimes missing pixel when using lots of gradients. For best results your image should be in

  • 300 dpi
  • 1036 x 664 pixels
  • with a maximum size of 2MB
  • saved as png or jpg
  • in CMYK

Download a psd & pdf template with grid lines for the lasercards here, that shows the position of the LED. If your print is very dark in this area the LED can shine less bright. Poke a hole in your design, lighten colours up around that position or move the black parts of eyes to the side a bit.

NFC UseCases

We use cards with a chip by the nerdy name NTAG424. Those cards do carry some extra security parameter that you can optionally use for improved safety. The tag is powered whenever it is introduced to a pos or a phone. In the write section you´ll find tutorials on how to

  • set up or rewrite a single bolt card for yourself
  • write one or a whole batch of voucher cards for your event / guests
  • write gift cards for your customers of your shop
  • write one or a whole batch of tipping cards
  • set up a batch of cards with wallets you want to donate e.g. like we do or as a giveway to lots of people
  • print stickers with an additional QR to the wallet to import each of those wallets to e.g. BlueWallet

On top to using cards as a sort of debit card you can as well write them as scannable payment requests that others could pay to (so called LNURLp). They would then have to just tap your card and a payment request would pop up in their phone.

We are very keen to see what all of you will build out of all those incredible options! 🧡⚡️ See the write-section on how to create different sort of cards for various use cases or the links sections, if you want to gain deeper knowledge on whats behind the improved security feature of NTAG424 cards combined with the BoltCard Service.

“Still feels like magic to be able to design and write my own banking card !”

Thats what she said.